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Calgary Housing Recovery Already Underway? October 20, 2009

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It’s been awhile since my last post, so I thought I would share some interesting information.

The first graph illustrates the historical supply and new listings on a seasonally adjusted basis.  Sales and new listings have been adjusted on a seasonally adjusted basis so that it gives a leading edge indicator of of how the resale market is performing.  For example, December is typically the worst month of the year for sales and May is the best and there is a fairly consistent seasonal pattern to resale volumes.  This adjustment also allows one to determine whether price movements are caused to to changes in supply or changes in demand.  In the past few years, sales volumes I believe soared well above demographic demand, and in early 2009 were well below demographic demand. I believe future sales volumes will fall moderately from here due to what has been described as demand driven overbuilding (premature buying) that occurred in 2006.

Looking at new listings, one can see that supply is not the problem that many blogs had predicted would happen due to high foreclosures.  Supply is much lower than it was in 2007 and 2008 and this is I believe because a much lower percentage of loans was granted to debtors of poor credit quality as compared to the US.  I think there is also a rational component to the ebb and flow of activity in the resale market.

The series of events that occurred over the last few years may be as follows….  In 2005\2006 as rental vacancy dropped to 1%, and perceived slowness to bring new product to market, buyers reduced their personal time horizon to buy.  This is driven by a belief that if they do not buy now, then they risk further price appreciation occurring or waiting a long time for house prices to drop.  Potential sellers also recognize that there is a lack of supply, and put off selling.  Speculators also enter the market to drive up demand in the short term, but do not immediately cause an increase in supply.  In mid 2007, when inventory is increasing, and new construction was high, it is apparent that supply can satiate demand at that price point.  Potential sellers and speculators that were delaying selling rush to the exits to cashout.  Also, buyers suddenly realize that there will be a price correction, and now instead of reducing time horizon to buy, they  increase the time horizon to buy as they realize that in the near term there was going to be a price correction.  This causes a very sharp and sudden shift in both the supply and demand balance.  In 2009, when housing construction nearly ground to a halt (especially with MFH starts) buyers have now begun reentering the market once again as inventory depletes.  Potential sellers may also now be once again delaying selling purchases due to perception that the market has turned the corner, and less risk from a wave of supply coming from foreclosures.

In summary, I believe the price correction in the resale market is over for now as indicated by the graphs below…  Although, I do not see why a relapse into a bear market is not possible if sales were to drop again.  Housing corrections typically occur over a period of several years, and historically taken at least 4 years to unwind so I would not be surprised to see further price drops if the supply\demand situation shifts  once again.   There are reports that the Calgary commercial office space is overbuilt and vacancies will rise to 20% in the coming years and will halt commercial construction in Calgary for several years.  The good news is this will provide stability and growth opportunity for businesses in Calgary as they can better keep a lid on operating costs.

Housing Market Activity

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Price Changes

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1. calgary mls listings - November 12, 2009

Thanks for showing all the details information in such a lovely blog i appreciate your hard work for making such a informative blog!!! 🙂

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4. Rick - August 16, 2010

The Montgomery Triangle

The community of Montgomery was named after a famous British General, Field-Marshall Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, who was born in London. The Montgomery Triangle refers to a small part of Montgomery on the South side of 16th Avenue NW. There are less than 45 lots in the Montgomery Triangle and currently the trend is to knock down the old 1950’s bungalows and build modern chic side by side infills. The next community to the East is Parkdale and Parkdale has a similar triangle of homes called the Golden Triangle. In the “Golden Triangle”, home prices have appreciated massively as Parkdale has become more trendy.
Montgomery Triangl


This area is going crazy!! New Childrens Hospital, $ 90 MM expansion to market Mall, $12MM development at Shouldice Athletic fields, new million dollar infills being built everywhere. Chef Michael is no dummy, he is very smart to locate here. Expect others to start showing up in this area.
Montgomery Triangle is Awesome!!

5. Mike - August 17, 2010

I just found this blog. It is very informative. I find that the media are so busy saying how rosy and great things are that it is really difficult to gauge current market sentiment and market conditions. I know that in July and August 2010, it is very difficult to sell a house. Nothing is moving except the amount of listings is increasing. I keep track of the markets in Calgary’s North West and I have to agree with the other poster about Montgomery. It is an area that is in Upward Transition, major renovations throughout community and new high end stores and restaurants are popping up. I would like to find some cheap deals on homes in Montgomery but it is difficult.

6. Sebastian - October 8, 2011

October 2011–Tings not toooo gooood out there,…

Stock mkt has an underlying optimism but every couple of days, we see bad economic data from Europe(Greece) or the US. Bad housing environment and terrible unemployment. More listings showing up in Calgary and everywhere else–people just have too much debt. In areas like Bowness and Montgomery and Parkdale: good deals get bought quick, but some at 1999 prices! WhoooHoooo!! Lookin for bargains in Bowness or Montgomery

Montgomery triangle is Awesome!!

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8. Ken - November 20, 2011

Cold November here in Calgary. This site is very informative–I find some of comments very informative to read. Much better than local newspapers who make everything sound so positive, even when it is not positive.–Real estate pays for newspaper advertising, I guess.

Montgomery is awesome! And so is Bowness!–it is a no-brainer, if you are able to buy a 50 foot R2 lot in either of these communities. All you have to do is look at Parkdale or HIlhurst to witness the development and price appreciation. As the city expands to the West(which it is like crazy): then Montgomery and Bowness become more inner-city and more desirable.

Ze West is the Best!!

9. Emergency Plumbing Service - May 30, 2012

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10. Drew Peacock - November 24, 2013

Montgomery Calgary is the best deal in real estate in all of North America. Riverfront community only 30 minutes from the mountains. The area is gentrifying rapidly.

Montgomery triangle is awesome!

11. Drew Peacock - January 29, 2014

Montgomery triangle is all construction right now–new duplexes every where. It is the best value in all of Calgary. Montgomery triangle is awesome! Montgomery triangle is awesome Justin Bieber is awesome I love Justin bieber I love miley cyrus Justin bieber sucks miley cyrus sucks Montgomery triangle is awesome!! – See more at: http://www.crebnow.com/a-well-positioned-market/#sthash.WjbtX65I.dpuf

12. Drew Peacock - February 10, 2014

Montgomery triangle is all construction right now–new duplexes every where. It is the best value in all of Calgary. Montgomery triangle is awesome! Montgomery triangle is awesome Justin Bieber is awesome I love Justin bieber I love miley cyrus Justin bieber sucks miley cyrus sucks Montgomery triangle is awesome!! – See more at Gotta love bowness


13. Anita Blackmon - June 24, 2014

Montgomery and Parkdale are very busy with new home construction right now. Nice new modern duplexes are replacing the older bungalows with the fifty foot lots. It is great to see.

Montgomery triangle is awesome!

14. Wizard Sleeves Sally - July 21, 2014

mmmmm the buttercups are awesome in montgomery’s stinky triangle…mmmmmmmm

15. Anita Hummp - August 16, 2014

10 Calgary Communities with the Best Investment Potential
These 10 neighbourhoods were identified in our survey as having the strongest potential for good resale

July 31, 2014
Avenue’s survey asked respondents to tell us if their neighbourhood has high property value. Answers were given on a scale of one (do not agree at all) to seven (agree completely). All responses were compiled to create this list.

1. Montgomery

Montgomery triangle is awesome

Sally was evicted–looser than a wizards sleeve

16. Sadam Hussein - September 19, 2014

Montgomery triangle is going crazy!

New infills everywhere–soon there will be NO older bungalows left

Montgomery is awesome

Montgomery triangle is awesome!

17. Drew - October 23, 2014

Montgomery among Canada’s best neighbourhoods

18. anass rammmer - November 14, 2014

New high end duplexes popping up. A new tim Hortons a new medical centre. Montgomery triangle is the best real estate investment in north America

Maybe the world

Montgomery triangle us awesome

Obama sucks

19. DO - December 2, 2014

South Montgomery is truly the best real estate in Calgary.

SO MUCH development going on now.

Montgomery triangle is awesome!

20. Ron - December 20, 2014

South Montgomery is amazing!!

Montgomery triangle is awesome!!!!

21. Ricardo - January 17, 2015

South Montgomery is now getting a Tim Hortons where the Taco Bell used to be. This area is becoming fabulous. Lots of new development and a new 35MM expansion to the Shouldice Athletic fields.

Montgomery triangle is awesome

22. Anna - February 10, 2015

South Montgomery is amazing. New tim hortons is Montgomery triangle. South Montgomery is awesome. Montgomery triangle is awesome

23. Miko - June 2, 2015

South Montgomery(Montgomery triangle) now has a Tim Hortons and is getting a new medical/retail centre as well as new executive office building with a Carls Junior on main floor. There is mega new development there in terms of New high end infills and duplexes. It is the hottest spot in Calgary right now.

Montgomery triangle is awesome

24. Dana - November 28, 2015

Montgomery triangle is the upscale southern nook or tip of Montgomery on the Bow River. Very few lots are available and most of the old bungalows are being knocked down and replaced with high-end duplexes and mansions. The most expensive homes in Montgomery are in the Montgomery triangle. Montgomery triangle is awesome!

25. marc - November 28, 2015

Montgomery is truly amazing. Some of the best real estate in the world. There are so few homes; it has to go up in value like crazy.

No isis no putin no war crimes

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